like the tone in this, and the mixing of the guitar is well done. over all its pretty good, got no negative feedback realy.
Wow man, this sounds epic! This is my favorite Zelda song ever, and I've wanted to do a rock version like this for a while. It sounds great, good mixing, harmonizing and timing. Keep it up!
that is amazing!
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You could work on your lead tone, it's a bit too crunchy for my liking. Recording quality is excellent, boost the bass a tiny bit. Good playing. 8/10.
That game is my crystal meth, I think I beat the habit, but I my dealer comes back and gives me more.........Good cover, it would sound really good on a classical guitar too.......
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Wow, that was good, you should do more Zelda songs and release an album .
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Great! I've been playing Zelda: A Link to the Past all day, so this one was great. Fav song from Ocarina of time btw and your cover was excellent!
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Good job! good mixing, nice playing, and it sounds kick ass. Im a big Legend of Zelda fan and I really enjoyed hearing this. Did you figure it out yourself or use a tab? If you used a tab, tell me where you got it if you can.
godly, I love the timing! really changed things up from that relaxing spanish guitar feel I feel the tone coulda had a bit more substance, but that's just if i wanted to pick at it. great job
Thanks a lot for the comments guys! Here is the tab which I used to learn the song (GP) but that is for the original version. I don't have a tab for the metal version I did, sorry. It is essentially the same thing played though.
wow man, that was awesome. i dont really have ground to say this but it would sound even more god-like if you smoothened out your lead tone a bit, its pretty rough.

anyway, one of my fave tracks from a video game and you metal'd it up. I salute you
what were the power chords used in the song, the other version dosnt have the chords.
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There are variations with palm mutes and stuff though.
lol im like drooling over this song. do you think that you can send me the original mp3. there is now way i can dl it from the site.
Thanx in advance
2/17/08 Kosova's independence!!!
zbest, i'll send you a PM

eltyr18, i'll check your song out later today if that's alright. And I'm just finishing off another Zelda song now (just gotta put the bass in).
That was fucking EPIC man! That was my favourite tune on Ocarina Of Time and you just made it SOO much better, loved the tone! The drum track was great too, I don't have anything negative to say! Well done mate!

Crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=891082

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i liked it man!
its possibly my favourite zelda theme and i've been meaning to do a cover FOR ages!

really liked how you did it!
cool drums, nice rhythm guitars. bass should be a bit louder.
Like some other people said, the lead tone needs work, but apart from that its great!
Top lel.