I heard that condensor USB mics are good for recording the acoustic guitar.

I've been looking at the Samsung C01U but don't know how good condensor mics sound in the first place.

1. Do condensor mics with USB plug in sound decent? Better than a computer mic right?
2. Are they just as good as Mics plugged into a pre-amp?
3. What mic's would you suggest with the USB plug in?

1.They are certainly of a higher quality than just a PC microphone plugged into a 1/8" jack input. That will sound terrible.

2. Personally, I think it's a far better idea to purchase a standard condenser microphone and then connect it to your computer using an audio interface, which works as an external soundcard (usually with integrated preamps) to process the signal to your computer. Most people acknowledge this to be a generally better method than a USB microphone.
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PreSonus has the Inspire 2496 firewire interface.
XLR inputs, Preamps on both inputs, 48V power for condenser mics.

Im also somewhat against USB mics...they just aren't as good as the real thing.

Whats your budget and what are you going to be recording?
I guess I'm just wishing deep down that a usb mic sounds good.

I would rather not spend too much....probably around 100 for the mic. I don't really want to go buy a pre amp too but I might need to.

On a review of the Samsung mic, someone said they weren't able to record two tracks together. Wouldn't that just be the program they were using though?
interfaces have preamps on board.
the PreSonus Inspire 1394 would be the cheapest interface I know that work
Its the only one in that price range that has phantom power for the condenser mic.

You could go with the USB mic but be aware that they are not as good as the standard interface setup.
I'd be recording the acoustic guitar.

So you think I should go with an interface then eh? Which one is decent? The presonus inspire.......does it still work good?
just go with the snow ball by blue, can't go wrong, interface is better but **** it, right?
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Presonus is a well respected company within the field. I haven't personally used the Inspire, but I'd bet that it's very good for the price.
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If I'm not really too serious about recording....You guys think I should still go with an interface??

What exactly is "Phatom power?"

And then the 1394 4x4 is that something different?

Also. How does the shure mic compare to the M-audio
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1394 is fire wire connectivity, how it would connect to your computer.
And phantom power is a special source of power that some microphones need to work.
Can I use the 1394 with any recording program....such as Adobe Audition??

The presonus 4x4 is cheaper than the 1394. What's the difference?
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