I was wonderin' if anybody here has played some AC-DC songs with a certain pedal.

Now I know there is a ton of types out there but I want to know which one is the best to use.

any help would be nice.
get a tube amp man. its the only way
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If you can't afford a Marshall JTM45 like Angus uses, however, you'd be well off with a Marshall Guv'nor or a Carl Martin Plexitone.

The Guv'nor is much cheaper but the Plexitone sounds much better.
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I own a cheap little practice amp.

nuthin special but it sumthin'.

I need prices on these 3 please:
Marshall JTM45
Marshall Guv'nor
Carl Martin Plexitone

if you would sacrifice your time for this i appreciate it thanks dudes and duddetts
Carl Martin would be perfect, as would the Radial Tonebone plexitube or whatever its called, but these are expensive. I have read reviews that say the MI Audio Crunch box can get that type of sound if dialed right, and that is cheaper than those 2. On a budget the guv'nor would do

I have no experience with the MI Audio Crunch Box, im just transferring hear-say. do a bit of googling and see if you can find anything out. I like the sound from a youtube video of it, but i dont like youtube, who knows what kind of eqing has gone on after, and youtube videos dont capture the feeling of actually playing it and it driving a speaker. If you can, go to a guitar shop and tell them you want an AC/DC sound and give them your budget. they will get that all the time and will be able to sort you out in seconds