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me too i think. ive been coming here for a long time though i cant remember clearly
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i was at a friends house who plays bass. he pulled up the tab to the seinfeld theme on here. i went home and looked something up later that day. found the forums the next day. thats when my life began.

or ended, depending on how you look at it.

yeah, id say thats when it ended.
Same way. Looking up some tab. Have no clue what tab it was. It took me awhile to sign up for the forums though.
I found this website on december 16th, 2006. I got my acoustic guitar the day before for a birthday present so I was willing to learn so i looked up pink floyd tabs. I signed up for the forums a month later .
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i think most of us arrived to UG searching for tabs
The Pit was like god's wrath over us
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I was looking for tabs a couple of years ago, then I found UG. A year later I went in to the forum and found the pit.
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My friend told me to come here for tabs. Then he told me about the Religion thread and how pathetic it is. So I came here and am still here. No matter how hard I try I can't leave.
I used to come here just for tabs
Then after a while I noticed the reviews and articles. I think I signed up to leave a comment on an article and then ventured into the forums the same day.
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after shut down, one day I just decided to google guitar tabs to see what came up. A couple years later, I made a username, but before that, I only used the site for tabs.
An alternative to MXTabs when it went down so long ago.

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I didn't find UG, UG found me.

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I was at a friends house and he was on here for tabs...
when i got my guitar, i came here looking for tabs in october 2005..
after about a year and a half I was looking at the front page, and saw the forums. I looked at all of them to begin with, but then I realised only the pit was fun. subsequently, I made a username and haven't left since! woteva my profile says, i have made more than 14 posts!! well over 2000 me thinks.
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i dont really remember. but i do remember that i didnt join untill like a year after i started using it for tabs.
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I was looking for tabs and found this site. Then I saw the forums and joined, just to post a thread in the guitar forum about my guitar. Then I wondered into The Pit and haven't escaped for two years. I play guitar like once every 3 months now, and that usually ends up with me looking for tabs and then going back to the pit again.
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I used to use, but they got shut down by RIAA (the 1st time) and announced that UG had taken all their tabs without permission or crediting the powertab authors.

I wasn't really bothered, I just wanted tabs, so I jumped ship.
Googled guitar, not that epic.
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I didn't find UG, UG found me.

That's a little disturbing.

The guy who got me into playing guitar used this to find tabs. I used it for chords then I found the Pit. Then my social life went downhill.
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I can't really remember. My pre-UG days are a bit of a haze for me. I think it had to do with mxtabs closing down and looking for more Green Day tabs. Two years laer, here I am. Addicted worse than crack.
I used this site for tabs when I realized that most of the other sites were either shut down, really sucky, or just dead.

And then I found the forums, and I first joined to hold a Nirvana cover contest I spent a lot of time in the Riffs and Recordings section when I first started, and it took me awhile to use the pit regularly.
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