I found out about it in the other thread with exactly the same name
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Your Mother's Got a Penis
if i can remember correctly, it was from a friend.
sex, drugs, and rock and roll have turned into aids, needles, and techno..
some dude in a black bath robe came up to me in the street one day and told me about it and told me it was my destiny to be here
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Of The

UG Challenge

From a Runescape clan forum site that went here for guitar tabs.
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I started visiting the site when mysongbook.com stopped working. I needed to get some tabs so I started googling and found UG. After a year of using UG to get tabs I decided to create my account and use the forums, etc...
Google, but I didn't use the forums until about two years later.
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Yeah, write to my fanclub about it, honey.
Actually I used Taborama as my main source for tabs...then it shut down
so now I'm a UGer
**** **** FDuc k**** FU KCDU kc DU k yeah! dude!

I got this down doht worry, but I discovered it when doing this on guitar! wow! ee! zow! ee!