hii, just wanted some coments on which one is better for what i play. I mostly play classic rock, 80's hair bands, and some alternative stuff
i've been looking at the jcm2000 as well and as you can see from my sig we play the same thing. I have asksed this question before and everyone is saying to get a jcm2000 DSL.
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they have one at my guitar center (the dsl401 version) and it is pretty much the same thing as the tsl except a little bit more modern sounding than the tsl. it would be good for some 80's metal. the tsl/dsl i think is better than the modern vintage series(i have heard they are crap and dont sound anything like the ones they are modeled after)
ooo and let me add that the vintage is brand new for $1100 and the tsl is 2 years old for 800