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my first guitar was a black Godin Freeway Classic, which i still own and is my main gigging machine cause i don't like taking my Gibson to shows if i can help it (don't want it to get ripped off)
My brother's slightly used Schecter C-1+ Black Cherry FMT. Seriously I think he tried learning the G chord and just gave up.
Schecter C-1+ Black Cherry FMT
2008 American Standard Stratocaster Candy Cola

Fender G-DEC
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DOD Supradistortion FX-55B (w/ Boost)
Epiphone Joe Perry Boneyard Les Paul. Basically it's a normal Epiphone Standard Plus, but with a unique 'aged tiger' finish, the Gibson style body chambering, and Gibson USA Burstbucker #2 and #3 pickups, with the #2 in reverse polarity so the middle position has a phased effect, much like if you leave a wah-wah pedal on but keep it still in the middle.

It's bloody nice and still my main guitar. I've played it next to a couple of Gibsons and a couple of Epiphone Elitists, and this is still better. One staff member at my local music store was playing around on it, and when he accidently knocked the headstock which caused a tiny, about 1cm scratch on the surface of the finish of the headstock, he actually broke down and started literally crying and begging me not to get mad because he'd 'hurt such a great guitar'.
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a blue squier fat strat. i still like the little thing, but now my cousin is learning on it...if i had it i wouldnt play it much tho...something about a fat strat MIA is just more appealing than a squier..dont kno what...
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A Gremlin. It was craptacular, but I still miss it.


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Fender Acoustic-Electric CD140SCE Cutaway $300
Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Fender Acoustic-Electric CD140SCE
I lucked out, my uncle had a Gibson Les Paul standard that he never used, it sounds a little messed up because the pick ups got screwed up but its insanly amazing. but i had been learning how to play with my friends guitar, i used to chill at his place and we would jam, and he'd teach me some stuff here and there.
Squire strat that I tried to give the "Frankenstien" paint job
ESP KH602 (Skull and Cross Bone inlays, Floyd, EMG 81's)
Hamer Slammer W/ Floyd Rose Trem.
Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top

Dunlop Original Cry Baby Wah
MXR EVH Phase 90

Marshall MG 250 DFX
An 1988 Charvel model 4.

I'd done some research to get the best possible bang gor the buck. That was 3 years ago. I still LOVE this guitar to Death, though it gives me cramps... neck is too thin.

I couldn't have chosen better, sound and quality wise. Great axe, very resonant, a beautiful and smooth accoustic voice. Really something special.
Schecter Omen 6...i got it used and got a really good deal on it!

Schecter Omen 6
SX Telecaster
Rogue Deadnought
Squier J Bass

Peavey TKO 115
Line 6 Spider III 15 watt
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Yamaha Hardware
PRS, cheapest I could find
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Squier Strat which is still my only guitar, but I want to change that pretty soon.
yeah, and i wen to guitar center, played something else, realized that thing was ****, and saved money. bought my strat, and then saved 700 bucks and bought my jackson. :P
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My first was a Peavey T-20. It had a full, round solid body with Strat-style cutaways. Dual rail humbuckers and a maple neck/fingerboard. It played and sounded nice but I've had several much better guitars since. Still, not a bad ax and I'm glad we met.
Fender Squier Stratocaster
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No-name acoustic guitar my dad had for about 30 years before I picked it up - the neck is SO thick on it! Very difficult to play.
Then came the good ol' Squier Strat - black body but now covered in stickers. Still a great uitar - I straightened the neck and lowered the action so it plays pretty nicely. It's also got the classic Fender Strat sound from the single coils (I am considering installing a bridge humbucker) and the neck is really nice. People slate Squiers, but they do make excellent first electric guitars.

Ibanez S470
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black and white encore stratocaster lol
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The Japanese squier i still have today. Its not that bad. These Japs know what they 're doing.
Washburn USA Custom Shop

Got it for 45 bucks from my friend. worth maybe 90 you know a guitar is extra awesome when it comes in a box. if i got an actual decent guitar, i wouldn't have had money for an amp. i eventually saved up and got a jackson dinky which i am content with.
My first was a used mutt of a Charvel.

Either had a custom neck, or a custom cut headstock but it was no shape I'd ever seen before. The body was a super-strat typical of Charvel with a yellow and black crackle finish; kinda like a crackle George Lynch tiger and it was REALLY beaten before I got it.

It had a really weird Floyd Rose too, the fine tuners were integrated into the set screws and the studs completely covered the top of the saddle. I learned a lot about guitars with it. I took it apart and put it back together countless times, ran all kinds of dumb strings and gauges (.060 Flatwounds in standard tuning!), and without it, I would've done all those horrible things to my second guitar which is now the equivalent of my very own "Evo".
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Boss ME-20
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esp ltd ax-50...and i want it back...(well the upgraded model)
ESP Eclipse with blackouts (Snow White)
Taylor 814ce (tabacco sunburst)
Dean Dime o Flage
Spider valve mkii
Fender Super Reverb
Peavey Vypyr 15
ESP M-10 or whatever... that came in a starter pack.
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Harley Benton SG in wine red.
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Cheap acoustic

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epiphone dot
GUITAR: Gibson Les Paul Special
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Still use my RG2EX1, had it for just under a year.
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I first had a cheap 5$ Wal-mart Acoustic that was:

Out of tune
Was a rip-off.

But my first real guitar was a Willem acoustic.
squier sa-100 acoustic.....still have it, still play it, probably gonna swap it out for a taylor now that i have a job. My other one was a baja (weird brand) started guitar worth maybe 20 bucks. we got it for 80 (rip offf)
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