Im suppose to make a program using random number generator... and i picked radioactive decay simulation and after days of not sleeping and researching i have relly given up... I decided i might as well give the pit a go...

Ok well.. what value do i put as a random number ?

Decay constant ? half life? initial number of nuclide?

i askd my jerk lab supervisor and all he gave me was r= rand(seed) and when r is less than some number a decay occurs...

Not only do i not know what the seed means.. i dont know what he means by when r is less than some number.. what is that some number...

Possibly.. ok now i found out that the 'some number' must be less than the decay constant
does anyone have any ideas...

plase... im desperate
Do your own homework.

(and I have no fvcking idea in the slightest)
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hey man you dont need to say that kinda thing if you dont know.. im just someone asking for help.. if your willing to help then help.. if not then well just dont...
i have been trying.. but im stuck hence.. ask for help..