Hi guys! Im new to UG, ive got a Maverick F1 in metallic silver (one of the last ones as maverick have gone bust! all british hand made!) and a good condition ZOOM G9.2TT which i wanna trade. Im really looking for a fender strat for the Maverick and preferably seperate pedals for the zoom. Though i am willing to look at any other offers.
I would very much like the gear to be picked up (In peterborough).

Here are some images!

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Bollocks, I love these guitars but just bought a new Parker - which of course, I love....sorry man.
If you still have the guitar at the end of august, I may take it off your hands. Not a promise, but maybe.
You were prepared to let it go for £160 last time!

Also, interested in a trade for my Dean Strat?

Looking to move it on, if you could put some cash towards the deal, say £50, then it would be a very good deal.

Pics are in my sig thread.
haha i know i know, but the mavericks are getting rare hmmm tempting swap but i've just been on a PRS SE rampage and don't really want a new guitar haha. cheers for the offer though!
BUMP! I'll let the maverick go for the original £160 or i'd trade for some recording equipment (preferably a multitrack recorder and sm-57)
Is this still for sale?
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