They look pretty cool.
Call me Wes.
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That's creepy. I was about to make a thread about them...
Good concept, ugly pickup.
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ive got a pair on order i wanna get them set up with a serpate 4 way witch for each, so i can choose between the p 90, the single coil, humbucker paralel, and humbucker series, and any combination of the two....i dont know if i can do it on my own, but im gona give it a try
wow, i just got a call 2 minutes ago, saying that duncan is back ordered untill august, so i dont get a pair untill then, but i get the first pair that comes into steves so i guess thats a good thing........this is givin me a while to practice my wiring skills
I'm an EMG guy as long as I've been playing, but these things have my attention.

I can't wait to get home to check out the youtube clips with audio.
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