OK so there is this programming assignment due for tomorrow. I have to write a basic program in python that can be used "to test Year 4 students on their basic arithmetic."

If anyone could help at all in any way it would be incredible. I know that no-one is going to, but I am hopeful.
Go to youtube.

There are a good deal of tutorials on how to make things like quadratic root finders, celsius/farenheit converters, etc. I would just send you my quadratic root finder but my laptop was confiscated sorry
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Date idea?
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Funny coincidence, I'm revising for my computer exam right now, half of it is on Python.

I suck though I'm more of a Maths and Economy man myself
I would offer my services (i am a GIS technician, a lot of my geographic analysis occurs through various scripts, python being one of them)

But just from hearing that you are starting from scratch and is due in a short period.... SHAME ON YOU! Take the others advice and look at youtube, there are some awesome tutorials on there.

Try this site, it has several great tutorials to get you started.
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Go check for tutorials they even have some code made already you can basically rewrite the way you need it