Louder Than Words

Can you justify the answers you've conceived
When you were forced to withstand all that pressure
Everyone's treating life as a competition
I'll appeal in humility when they find there are no winners.
We all love to procrastinate although it has its negative implications
We all take pride in stating that we promote this moral and that
And the majority capitulate to their shortlived observations
Take words with a pinch of salt because actions will always speak
Louder than words.
Would I appear weak if I made dedications to my obligations?
Should other people decide what they are to be?
I say you're no friend if you're obliged to make the rules
Where's the value in your individual morality?
You can talk about me
Behind my back now
You can bad mouth me
All your friends see
That they're merely words. The proceeding act upon thoughts of personal insecurity.
Actions speak louder. They offer substance to imply truth in a natural form.
So I know you're not just, a secluded person within your deluded mind.
There's nothing wrong with friendly loyalty.
I'm merely ambiivalent towards outsider manifestos.
Though I won't be bluffing in any form of narrative. In any form of speech that might involve,
Subjected slurring in response to inferior thought process.
Don't hold me to my ties. I won't support your lies.
I won't witness my friends be accomplice to any form of manipulation.
I won't manifest my interests in hindering the progress of others. Excess insultation of others.
An expression of jealousy. A side effect of insecure self-centred connotation.
Forget your popularity. You're account in decency is depreciating.
My decency excels my popularity.

That's all folks. Any comments appreciated.
O my god... is that a song or a poem? cos it's DAMN powerful, about how actions speak louder than words right? i'd love to hear this recorded.
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