i have been installing this ****ing game all weekend. everytime i run the damn thing it needs a patch or an update. i have been doing this for hours. how long does it take to install this f-ucking game
its not worth it, it will just get boring and tedious after a while and you will then realize no matter what you do you never really accomplished anything

Delete it, and install EvE instead
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Yeah it takes a few hours to install. They have made a lot of updates. It's annoying, but at the same time, it means more content for the game. They've added loads of new dungeons and an area of the map, and fixed loads of bugs in all the updates. You'll have to update to 2.4 or something.

Anyone else who bashes WoW is getting reported, this is getting on my nerves, TS didn't ask whether it was a good game or not.
you guys are wankers, WoW is for real men lol. but seriously you waste so much time on it.
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That's exactly how hard it is to play as well. You'll finally install it and find out you have no idea what you're doing.

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There are quite a few patches man, it will take a while. It's been out for like 3 years, so every patch is being downloaded probably. If you have the expansion you can just install that and I think you just have to download the patches since then. Other than that, it may take a while. It's a pretty fun game, although I don't play anymore.
Just leave your computer on and go out for a while or play some guitar. It's one day and once that's done, that's it done, future patches won't interrupt your gameplay unless you leave it until patch day to download.
It's a great game. I was hooked so I quit, but even to this day I still kinda wanna go back. It takes time to download the patches. You'll pretty much need the expansion. You don't need it till you hit lvl 60, unless you want to make a draeni or blood elf, but the expansion is a must, or else you can't progress to level 70, and I don't know ANYONE that doesn't have the expansion... Enjoy.