Awesome mixer and recorder. It's a great mixer, it has lots of built in effects, and lets you record with 8 inputs. It's awesome for recording with a band, you can put effects on different inputs, and balance the levels and all. Record some tracks and burn them into a cd all in this. It has a built in cd burning. We've used this probably a total of 30 minutes, there's absolutely nothing wrong with it, it's in mint condition and comes with original box and cd. We just want to invest in a PA system and don't really need to record right now.

New this thing is $1000 or more. This is in perfect condition and has been used very little. We'd like to get $450 we think this is reasonable. Any questions, feel free to ask.

We go 50-50 on shipping

This is it

Details here

I'm seriously intrested man. Where are you located and how much do you think shipping will be to 72745 (lowell, AR)
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**** i wish i A) had money and B)wasnt saving for a bass amp

good luck
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