Really like the mix you got going on here, never been a fan of robot voice (how do you that anyway?)

But over all think its a really well formed song. The kick was a little to slappy but the keyboard and guitar solos were a nice surprise.
Can't say I liked the T-Payne vocals, lol, but it didn't ruin it or anything. The whole thing really feels of a very high quality. Nice

Crit's in the sig.
the production's good, it could stand to be more 'layered', though, and definitely go lighter on the kick.

The keyboard was a nice touch.

Overall, it could be catchier, really. That's about all.
I owe a ton of people critiques.

If you're one of them, please PM me.

I have trouble keeping track.
the "robot vocals" are obtained by using a ridiculous amount of vocal tuning, which sounds like it makes singing easier, but it doesnt, because if you are even slightly off pitch, it starts sounding retarded

thanks guys!