I remember when I joined this forum a long long time ago there were a few topics on this. What are your sugguestions to prevent tripping on your guitar cable? Wasnt one method was to loop it through your belt loop?
well that would prevent from stepping on it and pulling it out, but it won't prevent you from tripping on it.
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the only way to prevent from tripping on it is to watch where you step. or stand still...but that's boring.
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I always loop my cable around where the strap connects to the strap button, so instead of the cable coming out of the bottom of the guitar, it comes out the back and is out of your way.

Other than that, if a cable really bothers you, just get a wireless.
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Just the hazards of having a cable. You can try taping it to the floor so its stays out of the way more.
dont trip over it.
no seriously, it's all part of skill of playing standing up. wireless is an option but those are bitch expensive
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Funny Story I had Step Dads Dog Came running through when I had a Marshall MG10W and set down my Ibanez and the cord was right across the floor.. well the dog ran right through it and took the amp and Ibanez down.. Luckily nothing was hurt.. but it was quite a scare..
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