I'm going to be buying a new distortion pedal soon, and i was wondering which one (MetalZone or MetalCore) to buy. Please back up opinions so I can make an educated purchase.
Please and Thank You
metalcore is much heavier than metalzone. if u want a more zeppelin, greenday, acdc kinda sound i would go with the metalzone. i have a metalzone myself and i love it very much :]
if u want more of a death metal tone i would go with the metalcore.
Don't get either one. They're both ****.
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The MT-2 actually sounds better for classic rock tones than it does for metal.

Out of the two, the Metal Core sounds much better for metal tones.
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It depends. If your into thrash metal (Metallica, Anthrax, etc.) go with the metal zone. But if your more into new school metal (Lamb of God, Pantera, KSE) go with the metalcore.
nice great way to put people down ^^^

it depends on the amp u have and the kinda of music u play. listen to pimpinazndude
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thats like having to chose between the bad and the ugly, without having the good. there are better pedals out there, so if you give a style of music and what amp you have, someone will be able to help you out.
They're both not that bad of pedals, but if you bump up your price range a bit, you can get something much better. Look for an AMT DT-2. I have one and it's absolutely fantastic. Made over in Siberia. Kinda like a Sansamp GT-2. Also has a line level output so you can hook it up straight to your sound card/console and record with it. Goes for about $144. If you want, I can record a couple clips for you to see how it sounds.
Metal Zone = worst pedal I have ever played in my life.

I got it to sound halfway decent through an 850 dollar amp but that's because the price on it.
everything else I've heard, it sounds like complete crap.

makes boss look bad..

metalcore ain't so great either.

I've heard metal muffs were decent pedals, same price as metalzone..
get a metal muff i ****ing love mine way more versatile than both the metalcore and metalzone
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It depends. If your into thrash metal (Metallica, Anthrax, etc.) go with the metal zone. But if your more into new school metal (Lamb of God, Pantera, KSE) go with the metalcore.

Ive got the Metal Core, and its way better for Metallica tunes. The Metal Zone lacks a good low sound.
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I like the Metal Zone better for the versatility.

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damage control solid metal.
its a distortion pedal that actually doesnt sound like a thin tin can full of bees.
but really just save for a new amp that has what you want.
you'll probably be sick of your pedal after a couple weeks.
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Yea, it really depends on personal preference, and more than that, what music you're gonna play with it.
That being said, I have a metal muff, and I ****ing love it. just like several other people. I tried a bunch of stompboxes, but this was the best in my opinion.
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I use a Digitech Metal Master. I haven't owned any good amps so I don't know great distortion, but I like the tones you can get from it.
The metal zone sounds good for about 5 minutes.

Then you wonder if you left your wah on. Then you realise it's the metal zone, then you spend 2 hrs trying to eliminate the wah-like sound out of the tone.

The thing has like 6 controls so it can't be that hard to dial in a good tone right?


Once I've got enough disposible cash to warrant guitar spending I'm having this piece of crap modded.
Hey, if you want to hear how the AMT DT-2 I was talking about earlier sounds, I posted a sound clip of some of the tones it's capable of. They are only a couple of examples that the unit is capable of. There was no post-EQ applied to the track, just some stereo separation. Check the details of the clip for settings on the pedal.

Edit* sound clip is in my profile
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Metal Muff FTW!
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I've heard really good things about the Metal Muff.

My friend has a Digitech Uber Metal pedal that he swears by, but I've not been able to play it. I've also heard the Metal Zone is better for leads and that the MetalCore is better for heavy distortion rhythm.

Of course, I've never played with either one, so...
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Which one is better?
Also, Mogar, that sample clip is pretty bad ass.
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Hi, I'm looking for some fruit, I can't decide between apples and oranges.
Which one is better?
Thanks, the AMT DT-2 is kinda pricey but it's well worth it. Beats the crap out of all of Boss' offerings easily. Plus it can be plugged directly into a sound card/mixer and used like a POD to record or perform.
What kind of amp do you play through? If it's solid state, for the sake of all that is holy, DO NOT get a Metal Zone.

I "tried" using a Metal Zone with my Fender R212 and with a Fender Stage 1000. In both cases, it sounded weak, thin, and tinny. After hours of playing with the pedal(and trying to boost it with various amounts of in-amp gain) I came to the conclusion that it just plain sucked. Then I tried flattening everything, killing the dist, and using it like a fuzz pedal. Again, the tone just plain out sucked. If you want a good tone, get something else.

I've never tried it on a tube amp, so maybe that could change it.

Also, it does give a really cool lead sound(think 80's shredder tone) but as soon as you begin playing more than one note at a time, it immediately muddies up and sounds like utter crap.
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If you get the settings right, the Metal Muff is awesome. It's much more versatile in my opinion. I couldn't get a metal tone out of any of Boss' or Digitech's mainstream distortion pedals to save my life.