I just bought my new Epi Les Paul Standard today and im to lazy to drive back to long and mcquade at the moment so im asking you guys :P

I think whats happening is that the fret is to low and when i hit that note the string is touching the 14th fret aswell how can i stop this by myself with out getting all new frets.
Raise the action, and check the truss rod.
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Do you know how to raise the action?

Or maybe your neck isn't straight that might be it.

But raise the action. On the tune-o-matic bridge, there are two screws that you use to adjust the height of it. Turn the screws counter-clockwise to raise, it and clockwise to lower it.
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take it back and have it fixed.. its a new guitar so nothing should be wrong.
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Action first. Truss rod second.
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If you just bought it, take it back and make them fix it. Personally I hate L&M, but at least there's a lot of gear for me to try out
If not, do what everyone else says, action

EDIT: I just read your post again, and you did just buy it. My bad
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Raise the action, and check the truss rod.

I dont think its the action because it isnt happeneing on any other frets. It acctually looks like the fret is tilted a little.
Should have played it more before you left the store with it. If its got a screwy fret or 2 not to uncommon on epis then you need to take it back to the store.
Remember, if you have raised the action and then checked the neck relief, and the latter is fine and you don't want comic action heights, yes you can take it to a store, but, although scary at first, re-dressing and levelling JUST the 14th fret by a TINY amount is not a hard job, and is great practice for future jobs.

Just use very fine wet and dry paper, dry. Would be helpful to use something small and level. Don't be afraid to do things to your guitar yourself. Unless you're a complete numptee, then just leave it to the guys in the shop

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