Ok I'm getting a Epi Les Paul/ or ESP wa-200 in the near future.

Now, I play Metal, Rock & Roll, practice blues, and some HxC. But mostley Heavy metal

Some of my favorite bands.

Lamb of God
Children of Bodom

What are some combos that I can get Crunchy Riffs and Clean Solos?
i have a faded gibsaon les paul custom that i got for 635 with case and the cleans are unbelievable and the overdrive is also incredibally good, i'd look for a deal like that because the cleans were better on the gibson than the epi and so is resale, and they're made in usa (or at ;least the kind i have) the gibson has burstbucker pickups. but i always liked s/d JB/59' combo.
seymour duncan JB/jazz or JB/'59 ftw
Gibson SG Faded
Epi VJ Stack

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Duncan Custom for your styles. or DiMarzio Super Distortion.
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well a majority of those bands use EMG's.
slayer, metallica CoB(used to use passive EMG's)
lamb of god does.(one of their guitarists)
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