Me and a buddy want to play a talent show next year.
but we cant think of anything impressive to play ]:
So i thought i would try UG.
i have until next years may so if its anything that would require some serious time that would be alright.
we only get about 4mins 30secs on stage.
i play der metals. and my friend is more of a hard rock guy...
Digital Distribution sucks.
Try a shorter Iron Maiden song.
Children of the Damned - 4:35, Run To The Hills - 3:53, The Trooper 4:12
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I once made an acoustic duet version of "One", if you want I can upload the guitar pro file.

EDIT: It's shortened so it should fit within the time restriction.
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well, what kind of stuff do u like to play to begin with? let me know and ill give u a few good suggestions
Avenged Sevenfold is a good idea like clansec said. Me and my buddy play a song called Unholy Confessions by them and its really good.

Also Bullet for my Valentine has really good guitar duels