Hey i looked up a bit of information from the infamous search bar, but i'd like a bit more information on these amps. It'd be cool if someone could give me a good description of their sound and maybe a sound clip or two should do.

Thanks in advance
I have a Traynor Bass Mate 25 and Guitar Mate 15, they're obviously cheap amps. I just use them for practicing in my room and they're not bad for that.
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The Traynor Blue is THE most versatile amplifier under $1000, PERIOD. Any tube traynor is a great amp.
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Very marshall sound too them. I tried the YCV50 blue. Great cleans, amazing OD, enough gain for metal I'd reckon. I found when I tried one I was able to get an amazing lead sound out of it.
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Never played one but heard nothing but good things. Supposed to be very versitile, marshally sounding, and above all, excellent amps.
I brought home the YCV Blue yesterday and I'm already in love with it. I run a standard Telecaster and a standard Les Paul through it, both with amazing results. It's a brilliant amp and is well worth the money.
I have the Traynor YCV40WR. It has a Celestion Vintage 30 and just sounds amazing. Traynors are definetly built great and sound amazing. I payed only like 450 for mine, its definetly teh best bang for your buck.
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I was looking into them with the other guitarist in my band and he siggested the YCS50 112. I originally decided i didnt like it simply because i think that its ugly, but i decided id give anything a shot since anything could be better than my current amp. So then, whats this model like
it has more features than the blue or 40wr, it has a direct line out for recording(or jacking into a pa system, your choice) has a scoop function, brit/usa switch(very interesting for messing around, really does get more spongy in brit mode), also has a modern switch witch gives a little more gain and makes the sound bolder I think, and above all a wattage switch that allows the amp to switch between 50 and 15 watts. I believe it runs off of 6l6 tubes
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