Hey i'm trying to learn some new songs and was wondering if ne one knows any good lamb of god songs that arent too hard to play but not too easy either...anyone got any suggestions?
Maybe Laid To Rest?

Most of their songs are pretty difficult
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Laid to Rest
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Omerta off of Ashes of the Wake is easy and its a damn good song. Either that or Laid to Rest.
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Black Label? It's pretty br00tal and definitely not hard.

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I consider myself an Intermediate player and some songs that are pretty easy, well not easy but fun to play are Laid to Rest and Omerta off of Ashes of the Wake and Pathetic off of Sacrament. I like to wow my friends when I just break into the intro to Pathetic. When you get it goin fast it sounds pretty darn awesome.
Laid to Rest is relatively easy, but not for beginners. Black Label is intermediate and bad ass.
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I know pretty much their entire discography (most of them ear tabbed too) minus the earlier stuff, and I can say without a DOUBT that the easiest LoG song you can learn is Omerta off of AOTW, in fact, that was the first LoG song I learned.

For those that said Hourglass, it's a tough one to learn for the first LoG song, especially the vomit riff, I learned that song ages ago but it took me almost 4-5 months (let it be known I don't play on a regular basis, max 3 times a week) to learn the vomit riff after learning the rest of the song, lmfao, I'd usually make up a stupid riff/lick when that part of the song came up.

Descending is pretty straight forward, only one hard riff in there that is totally doable for intermediates granted you know how to alternate pick (or pick really fast downwards, that's how I learned it)

Break You off of AOTW is also pretty damn easy if you know how to properly alternate pick (smoothly I mean).

Black Label, Laid to Rest and Pariah (minus Willie's part if you can't stretch your fingers that far apart) are also pretty easy songs compared to the rest of their lineup.