so im looking for a vertical bandsaw, not a handheld one, and ive spent the last hour on google trying to find something decently priced to no avail. so i was wondering UG, where can i get a bandsaw for cheap preff. under 200 if possible, it wont be used alot only every once in a while to cut bodys, etc, no metal work, just wood

recap:need a vertical bandsaw for cutting bodys, only used for wood, around 200. wont be used much

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Harbor freight has the cheapest I've seen, you'll need another hundred dollars though. Have you checked craigslist? They'll have decent tools now and again.

I'd look for estate type of sales/auctions in your area. You won't get a new bandsaw, but you'd probably get a nicer quality bandsaw and you wouldn't have to deal with getting it shipped and all that. That's my two cents.

Quality over cost is my number one rule with tools, even ones I don't use tons, but I've seen enough cheap crap break to appreciate it.
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Just about any band saw under 3 or 4 hundred bucks isnt going to be very good. The cheap ones the blade tends to wander etc. Its not really how much you use it. The cheap ones wont be any good out of the box. Good tools cost money. Ive been putting off getting a bandsaw as I want to get a good one.
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Heres what I use, It'll cope with anything you throw at it and its only £230. Its reliable as hell and will cut anything.

click - Dewalt Bandsaw

that is a bargain js. nice find.

kudos to you.
Thank you please.
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We sold our old one for a hundred bucks. It was damn good too.