Why do you only see set-neck guitars with angled headstocks... and not fender style headstocks? i love me some fender style headstocks, but i also love me some set-neck... if i built a set neck like that, would it be weird?
generally people associate angled head and set neck with gibson and vice versa for fender and so they just build them that way..
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No, it wouldn't be strange at all. In fact, aome ESP guitars have straight heads with set-neckage.
Might just be for the look, although I don't know much about angled vs not angled headstocks.

Why are some headstocks angled and some aren't?

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angled headstocks "give you more sustain" (bull****), and increase string tension. if made out of a one piece, are very weak... i dont know, it kind of sucks, but it looks good to have a veneer on your headstock.
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angled headstocks "give you more sustain" (bull****), and increase string tension...
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