I'm sorry about how vague I'm going to be because its not my guitar its a friends but...
He raised the bridge because the 17th fret up didn't sound, and now his intonation is messed up, its a PRS SE Singlecut. Again sorry to be vague but i figure something on here can make sense of this
trem or wraparound bridge? trem is fixable, wraparound then there's nothing really
dont take any guff from these bastards man

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yeah ne time u adjust bridge height u need 2 adjust the innotation
if u know a guitar teacher/ professional have ur friend bring the guitar into him and he'll fix it 4 u
Nope thats got the wrap around bridge. They dont really have much in the way of adjustment. They do but it affects all the strings cant just do one. There are aftermarket bridges that can be adjusted.