ok so i want to buy a BT iron horse and the sire im buying from has an option to add a BT Electronic Frame and i would like to know what does it do(i think its for rapid fire) and if it adds some knobs to select ur rate of fire thx
Yup, it gives you the option to add fully automatic, and 3 round burst.

But, all the fields around me do not allow rapid fire guns.

Before you get it, call your local fields and make sure its allowed.
both..im doing it as promo. i live in mexico so there are no piantball sellers so i started my business and i want to get some attention . so i thought about the iron horse becouse it looks so baddass.
ya. i play alot. im on like a team i guess. we have a website. i just have a tippmann a-5 with an adjustable stock, empire barrel kit, whisper barre, and drop forward with an on/off. its prett nice, but some parts fell of the stock so its kinda duck taped together. go to www.bigpearlpaintball.com and look at the iron curtain pics. our 6 man team is in that. everyone but me is in camo....i got grey....
^ that did not answear my question do u get a knob or sitch with it??