i can sing jsut like the frey's how to save a life. Thats what i can hit very well that vocal range. 1. what key is it in. and 2 what kind of singer does that make me?
the song starts out in G with a capo on 3 rd fret. DOes it make it in the key of G? and stays in that scale. GABCDEFG?

also when i sing to high my voice hurts and feels like a ball is in my throat and i cant ding well anymore how can i make this not happen.
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What helped me find my range is I sat down at a piano and played a G and I worked my way up and down from there and played every key I could until I couldn't hit the notes anymore.

Once you find your range, you should be able to tell.

Also, do this w/ your falsetto if you wanna find that range.

And by the way, I hope you realize I meant that I sang those notes...
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Ok, well, being that you're three semi-tones ABOVE the key of G, the key is actually Bb, which is the correct key of the recorded song.

What kind of a singer does it make you? Well, we can't tell you that without hearing not only your range, but the QUALITY of your voice. So, record yourself singing some scales or something, and maybe we can tell you.

If it hurts when you sing high, you're not singing properly. It shouldn't EVER hurt when you sing, so if it's hurting, stop. I'd recommend getting a teacher, personally. You can learn some things on your own, but if you don't have a teacher you could develop very bad habits which will lead to bad things happening to your voice - like vocal nodes.

However, a few ideas that I want you to think about are:

1. Breathing in from your diaphragm. Place your hand on your back, and breathe in. You want to feel it expand. Take deep breaths from there, and work on building your breath capacity.

2. Think about "inhaling" your voice. Breathe in like sucking through a straw, and keep that open-ness in your mouth. Don't make things tight in there. Keep it open. Sing with a vertical sound.

I hope this helps some. But remember, there's no substitute for a good teacher - so get one. Lastly, if it hurts, stop. Don't blow out your voice.