Hey guys.

So this is one of the first songs i really wrote on acoustic and the first time i recorded myself singing and playing.

I just want some honest feed back on my voice and the song, but mainly the vocals.
Looking a spending more time around here, often trolled only just signed up.

Heres the song.

Thanks in advance.
it was pretty good, most of hte faults were due to the recording style/quality rather than your voice itself. you seemed to keep on time and didn't have trouble singing and playing. the melody of the lyrics fit with the song for the most part although i felt it was alittle iffy in the beginning. sometimes your voice seemed alittle flat although i think that it was because the video camera's mic leached out all the treble.

overall i'd say its an eight out of ten, although a better recording would definately be more helpful in my judgement.
I loved the guitar playing. Sounding insanely cool but... I'm afraid I didn't care for your singing. Sorry. I'm pretty crap at singing but atleast you had the guts to put it up in the first place, I couldn't do that.

So well done, I liked the lyrics and the chords were really nice.
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It's okay dude. Nice try, at least you had the guts to do a video of yourself. Your playing sounds strong and confident. your vocals aren't great but give it some time and you'll improve. Now get yourself some decent recording gear and practice with the vocals and keep writing. You obviously have talent so use it.

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This is a good attempt. However the quality lets you down big time. It does sound like a decent song but it's hard to distinguish what you’re singing. The guitar playing sounded good though. My advice is to get some decent recording equipment.


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Nice job man, the recording was pretty fuzzy but good job with the singing and playing (especially keeping good time). Simple, sweet chord progression. Couldn't make out most of the lyrics but your voice sounded good. Not really my style of music but enjoyable to listen to. Maybe a little bit shorter, I lost some interest towards the end. Overall good job though.
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This is one of the best songs I've heard in a long time. It goes to show that a great song is a great song even with crappy youtube quality.