Can someone show me how this chord is played - I can't find it in my chord dictionary
play a major and then find a way to fret G# as the lowest note. if you're playing a song and will be playing it with a bass player, don't worry about it. other wise, mess around with different voicings.

e x
b 2
g 2
d 2
a 0
e 4

this could work, barring the 2nd fret with your index and using your ring finger for the G# and muting the high e by not barring it.. easiest on the fingers that way...
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If you're playing with a bassist you could just play Amaj7.
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Thanks - Really helpful - the low voicing is the correct one - I dunno why i didn't think of it before!
Not sure if its right but the way I *try* to play this is by barring the second fret and then hitting the base note on the 4th fret with my ring finger (obviously don't strum the high E). It doesn't sound perfect but I can't find any other way to reach the G# if I do a normal A fingering.

As far as I know anytime you see A/G# or D/F# the first letter is a regular chord, the second letter is the bass note you need to play in addition to the chord - I believe its always on the 6th string but perhaps its on the 5th sometimes?
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