Whats the consensus on these? At home I just run through IK Multimedias Ampeg modeling software and my studio monitoring, but now that I have bass duties in a band I need something a bit more live-friendly. I need it for playing at home, jamming with the band (traditional 3 piece setup), and small gigs. We play classic/progressive rock, some jazz-ish type getups, and the occasional prog metal a-la Dream Theater. My bass is a Stingray 5 HH. Think this amp is worth the <$600? I'm drawn to it due to the multitude of tone shaping controls... but I dont know much about Carvin
Most here will tell you that Carvins are amazing and that you should for sure buy it because it has the right combination of power, price, and tone shaping.

A smallish percentage will say that Carvins are not pro-level amps, and that not a single pro bassist uses them. Rick anyone?

In any case, the main point of the minority that DOESN'T like Carvin is made moot if you are just looking for a mid level to low-high end amp. I'm gonna say go for it. Though keep in mind, if you don't get a combo, you'll need to buy a cab, which will add onto the price. If you want to save more money, go with Avatar.
I already have speaker arrangements made, I just need the amp to go along with it. Glad to hear Carvin has the general OK.
They're definitely worth the cash, especially considering their flexible front end and huge power sections. Go to the Bass Player website and check out the review.

Keep in mind that a BX1200 and BX600 share the same front end but the BX1200 has two BX600 power amps in it.
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