So here's my setup. I have simply an Oxygen 8 v2 with Cubase SX3. I'm attempting to run several VST synths using this setup, including the ones that come with Cubase.

My problem is the timing. It's as if the attack of these synths is out of whack. I'll hit a key on my MIDI Controller (Oxygen 8), and the red bar, signifying MIDI input, will raise accordingly. However, the sound from said synth will not play for a few more seconds. This makes writing music with this MIDI controller to a click track damn well near impossible.

Any suggestions? What's going on?! I've done this before a few years ago and it worked perfectly..
Sounds like a problem with the buffer settings. On Cubase, go to Devices > Device setup. Go to VST Audiobay and then click control panel. The buffer settings should be shown, change to a lesser number of buffers.
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