How would Agathis and Alder compare to each other?

I have a nice upgraded Les Paul that is my primary guitar. I also have a Squier Strat SE. It is a really cheap one, I think it is the model before Affinity. I don't think they sell them anymore. I love it, but I want to see how nice I can get it while still using a Squier neck and body. I would really like to have 22 frets and a nicer wood.

I have narrowed down my choices to the Squier Affinity which is Alder ($150) and Squier Standard which is Agathis ($200). Which do you think is better? I don't care about electronics they will get swapped out.

I friend of mine has the Affinity and it is real quality, for what it is. I have never tried the Standard but, I like the fact that the Squier standard has 22 frets and the 2 point fulcrum trem like the American fender.

Any opinions on these?

from what I believe is Alder is better Tonewise than Agathis.. Agathis is very Weak.. I noticed with my RG120.. Alder is used in some/most of the Fender Stratocasters I'd go for that..
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alder good, agathis crap
dont take any guff from these bastards man

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I was afraid of that. All I want is a good Squier body and neck preferably a 22 fret neck. So I might be better off buying a Affinity body and Standard neck?

Thanks again guys. I know these are cheap guitars but for some reason I really like mine. I just want to make it a little better.
Alder is a good wood. it's WAYYYY better than Agathis. Agathis is used on low end cheap guitars.
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Alder is good. From my experience, agathis sounds like a cheap imitation of a cross between basswood and mahogany
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If your wanting the standard squire for the wammy its not a good way to go. Its a 2 screw style but the good fender ones wont ift. its got an odd metric screw spacing so the studs have to be moved to put a better one on.
I already screwed the bridge to the body and replaced the tuners. I don't use the bar on it. Its just not worth it. The only things I want are a good Squier body and neck.
alder is better. however if i remember correctly, the bodies on those squiers are quite a bit smaller than a regular fender body. there not terrible guitars though. i remember i had one as a loner while the neck on my MIM strat was being repaired. i remember i was pissed about it, so i was very rough with the guitar. i threw it one the ground and stuff. it took the beating well. and it didnt sound too bad either. you might be able to find a used MIM though if you look hard.
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well, even tho agathis isnt a very good quality, that doesnt mean it cant be good. some guitars made of agathis are solid guitars, while alder, the better wood, doesnt necessarily make the guitar better. play them both and see which feels and sounds the best and base it on that
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you might be able to find a used MIMt if you look hard.

Thanks but my goal is to make my Squier a better guitar. I want to keep the body and neck actual Squier stuff, otherwise I would just build a Strat. You see what I mean?

The Affinity Squier is nice for a cheap guitar. I might try to get one of those. They are pretty nice Alder.