Does anyone have any tips for composing for solo guitar? I try to compose and turns out like crap so I need advice.
Try fingering different chords and fingerpick the strings in whatever order you deem fit, then throw in some hammer-ons/slides. It's a bit hard to help you here, asking someone how compose is like asking the meaning of life, it's different for everyone.
Learn more chords, learn some scales and learn to connect the scales then just improvising messing around with it. Eventually you will get somethings you like and you can slowly put it all together. AND learn many different techniques.
You could analyze compositions you enjoy and learn from them.
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do it half a step down,, it sounds cool composing there, and the solos sound deeper there
well atleast for me


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Mine always match the mood I'm in, and I never try to get in the mood for composing...

One I wrote because I was so shattered when my girlfriend left me that I feld incredibly "faraway", and another I wrote because I was in such a relaxed and happy time in my life.

I find that going out of your way to try to compose something never really turns out that good, at least that has been what I have learned in my own experiences.

I also find that as is true of the relationship between reading and writing, listening and understanding a wider and more constant amount of music will improve your composition skills.
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