So, I really like my math teacher, and im also gunna have him next yr.
Im shy, but i wanna somehow thank him on the last day.

What do I do/say, without lookin stupid?

Shake his hand?
Rape him.
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Smack his ass and say "good job"


Look him deep in the eyes and tell him that you love him
"Hey sir, thanks for all your help this year."
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nothings better appreciated than a nice bj...

or u can buy him a coffee mug or something. i've heard teachers like coffee.
man, whenever i've had a teacher i've really liked i've just walked up at the end of the last class and said "hey, i really enjoyed this class and had a great semester, thanks" and give a handshake. just don't look nervous or anything, be comfortable.
i have a feeling u didn't get the help you were looking for.
but seriously. dont take us seriously. except for Just Andrew. listen to him.
It's simple. Give him a Blow-Job. Nothing says thanks for a good year than a BJ.
Get him a present. Not just any present, either.

Get him a sexy piece of underwear, like edible panties. Make him unwrap it in front of you. Then wink and leave. Make sure he has a good view of your ass on the way out.
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Gunpowder FUCKING ROCKS!!!!!

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I think ts is a guy, horny boys?

Just thank him, hug him if you two are really close, shake his hand, whatnot.
a firm smack on the ass with the obligatory "keep up the good work."
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Tell him to take the wheel. that's what my sister did for her religion and philosophy teacher.
Tell him to register at UG and give him your username.
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Smack his ass and say "good job"


Look him deep in the eyes and tell him that you love him

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If you're feeling wary of the slap on the ass and the congratulatory remark, just swipe 2 football helmets from the gym, or ask two football players to borrow their helmets. Walk up to him, place the helmet sensually on your teachers head, place your helmet on erotically, and then plant a nice smooth hand plant on his ass.

Look him in the eyes and say : "See you next year big boy, and don't you dare slow down in the summatime."
What better way to thank your teacher than with POP ROCKS!

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Just tell how much you appreciate how he helped you out so much this year or something. Just give him a nice thank you, and a handshake.
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