Ok... so the good news is, my new geetar is supposed to come Tuesday! Woo Hoo! I'm crazy stoked!

Now for the part I need help with...

I have never set up a new guitar, so I'm asking for advice. All of my past guitars I bought second hand, so they were already pretty much dialed in. I only needed to make minor adjustments to the action or stuff like that.

Here's my plan (in order). Tell me if I'm wrong.

1) Tune da strings ( no I don't need help w/ this)
2) Asses / adjust the truss rod
3) Raise / lower the action
4) Make sure the guitar has proper intonation

What else do I need to do to make sure that I am properly set up?

Thanks for any pointers / help
Not essential but make sure neck is properly hydrated. And maby polish the finish and shine up the hardware.

If needed adjust pickup height.
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i'd rather give a guy 40 bucks to set up my guitar. i think yes you're right.
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What are some things that I need to be careful of so I don't screw up my new baby?
Just make sure if you think the truss rod needs adjusting do it in small incriments slowly (like, a 1/4 turn and leave it for a day)

And obviously, like, don't pretend your Pete Townsend and go mental and smash it ;P Guitars are pretty sturdy, as long as you don't proper abuse it it'll hold up fine mate.
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Quote by apak
i'd rather give a guy 40 bucks to set up my guitar. i think yes you're right.

You'd rather give someone 40 bucks every time you want it set up instead of putting a tiny bit of effort into learning how to set it up yourself?

You're wasting a lot of money. If I gave someone 40 bucks every time I wanted my guitar set up I probably would be down a few thousand bucks