I need to find about 3-4 more songs that i can work on so I do not get bored with one song at a time.

I got my guitar 3 days ago and was wondering what i could learn to play.

I know the Dmaj, Amaj, Emaj, Dminor, Aminor, Eminor, G chord, and C chord down pat.

just thought it might be helpful to what songs i should pick.

I am currently working on:


-Walkie Talkie Man

-Seven Nation Army

I am mainly trying to work on my Picking (strumming, alt. picking, etc.) and my Transitions between notes.

so try to incorperate that in if you can, but if you can't and just want to throw in a good song, then go ahead

Please through in any suggestions you have, i am open to all ideas