I am going to put two P94's in my strat, since I am tired of the janglyness to it and its inability to sound full. Will the 94's help tighten the sound and give it a bit more low end?
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maybe try a different amp first? perhaps a 212?
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You play an AC30, and don't like the janglyness in your tone? I feel like it's not your guitar...

It is, and it was also my guitar when I had my JCM 900.
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It is, and it was also my guitar when I had my JCM 900.

Alright, alright. Throw a nice PAF in the bridge, you're there.
^Agreed. If you don't like the singlecoil get some buckers.
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I played a Strat with dog ear P 90's through an Orange Rocker 30 and it sounded damn sweet. Of all the guitars I played through that amp, that was my favorite. It had a nice bite to it, and was pretty fat sounding. Not as fat as, say, a Wildcat or a Casino, but it was nice.
Will the 94's work nicely with the Alder and Maple? Or will it not thicken up the tone enough?
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^The one I played was an Alder bodied strat.