This is a parody on the Song Crank That by Soulja Boy
I need help with a name. thanks
here it is
oh ya, were it says, Oh, it means hoe but i had to make it like this cause im takin it to school.

Soulja boy is a Oh
When he crank dat
She says no
No No Soulja Boy
Don’t Spiderman dat oh
You smell like poo x4
(Soulja Boy)

Verse 1
Soulja Boy is a oh
When he lean he let’s one go
Spiderman dat oh
Then watch him lick that hobo ****
Never fresh he never stop
Never stop da haterz man
Last time he saw one he just ran
When he do his little dance
he turn and rip one out his pants
(Smells like poo)
He’s cocking on yo gun
Then ya get in a fight
And you see his butt run
Then you spot him at yo party
Bein a big pimp
he got him a bathin chimp


(Verse 2)
He’s pouncin on his oh
let his super soaker flow
Then he go to Iraq
And kick Hussein in da sack
Haterz hate the’
No man in Soulja boy is what they see
He’s a gangsta red neck
he got nottin on his pay check
They watch him do it ( do it)
he gets to it ( gets to it)
Gangsta red neck is all they see
Oh, just don’t look at the’
oh he see ya peekin at him
Oh he just too ugly
He just so sick of this oh
Now he shall crank dat
When you go
Watch him crank yo momma
And super soak Obama
He’s so fresh up in politics
Especially the crazy hicks
Clinton’s a chick he’d like to shag
To bad he’s a big fag
Watch him crank Bill and da flag
Spiderman that hag
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uninventive, brash, and utterly tasteless. In mocking him, you've become equally sub-par.
I owe a ton of people critiques.

If you're one of them, please PM me.

I have trouble keeping track.
Ever seen cacaman? THAT video is QUEER.
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