My friend and I recently decided to begin an acoustic folk project. We have acoustic guitar, harmonica, and piano, all played by us. We are both good at guitar/harmonica/piano, so there is no lack of talent. But I'd like some artist suggestions that use similar instruments, not so much to copy, but neither of us are super into the scene.

For guitar playing listen to Richard Thompson. I don't know many people who play piano folk, but if you go on to my profile there's an arrangement of a scottish folk tune which has piano in.

Also, go on http://www.thesession.org/members/ and click on "tunebook" then learn the most popular tunes there. This will give you a better feel for folk music in general, especially seeing as you're not super in to it.

EDIT: http://www.myspace.com/rachaelmcshane here's some piano folk. only 1 song though
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