Well, really I don't know what I was thinking when I made this song, but some flies where bugging me, and so I wrote a song about it
Meh, I may fix a few wrong notes in there maybe tomorrow...


Disclaimer:In the solo, it may appear that the little bird is shot, but in fact it is all staged, and the bird received no damage whatsoever...
dude, the sound effects win soooo much

but gimmicks aside, this was actually a very nice composition. I love how the instruments really do compliment eachother, and it always seems to be moving. gunshots did get kind of annoying after awhile. maybe not use them as much.

but overall, beautiful piece. I loved the originality
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Really unique. Kind of a whole "Peter and the Wolf" type thing, with the different "characters" represented by different instruments. All the whistle-blowing parts were very melodic, and the whole tone of the piece was really cool. I loved the bird tweets.
i liked the interlude best part i thort the rest is all gd make the rest more like the interlude style! not that the rest is bad but the interlude is gr8!

nice 1

and thanks 4 the crit
lol, this made me smile. it was a good instrumental, very melodic. but then it sounds like there is background noise with the flies and the gunshots. then the poor little birdy. it sounds like something i would hear in a childrens movie :P but yeah, like everyone else said, the gunshots got a little old.

this is a very original piece though. good job
This was awesome! I was smiling all the way through and not many songs get me smiling

The song was very melodic and something truly original for a change. I loved the solo part and interlude was great too. Nothing bad in this song. 10/10

It was kinda funny, like music I'd expect in a disney movey

Good job
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This is fantastic, really does sound like it could be used for some kid's movie soundtrack. The solo was bizarre, but pretty awesome nonetheless. I can't really suggest any ways to improve it because there's no way I could figure out exactly what you were really going for
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lol, never heard a song with sound effects that made me laugh this muchXD
Awesome how the flies and bird get shotXD

really a unique piece, you don't often see this many effects combining to in the end form a great song, to my vision you should leave it as it is,
it sounds awesome this way:p

maybe you can make an entire orchestra version out of it?
put piano and violins behind it, and give it a really dark sound:p
that way it will really sound like some sort of classical piece and not a disney movie or something:p
not that it's not awesome this way though..
I changed the 'sounds' to instruments and I liked it a lot better
(the gunshots to a distorted guitar, with some added dissonance and higher pitch
the bird as a cute nylon guitar, the interlude instrument as a piano, the drum as a piccolo bass
the solo instrument was changed to a jazz guitar, I think)

anyway, I liked it.
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lol, that's awesome. Loved it.
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^ Normally I would hate you for bumping such an old thread, but this is amazing
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