Okay i have been trying to play this game since friday. i finally got it all installed including the burning crusade expansion. i think i was on my last update, it was 2.4.0 and anyway so when i open WoW is tryed to install the update it was like 913mb or something. it downloaded fine. when i click finish the downloader closes and nothing is running. when i go to start and choose WoW it just runs the downloader again and says checking update 2.4.0 and loads all the way to 913mb again and then closes and nothing is running...what should i do
delete the game cuz its a waste of time and memory.
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Sometimes you need all programs closed (Except for the loader of course)
Just Ctrl-Alt-Delete and close all programs and try again. It worked for me. But I recommend you go to the official WoW forum.
theres a patch for it. getalife.exe. google it... Wow is a waste of time and a human soul. get a gf. or at least play something less extreme like guild wars.

im not trying to be a dick...have a sense of humor
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God I hate people like that the dudes above me, The lastest Patch was 2.4.2 just came out like a week ago, should try re-downloading it, if that doesnt work Delete ur WTF (thats actualy wuts its named) in ur WoW Program files and try to Download it again
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delete the game cuz its a waste of time and memory.

this man lies. and like said above, it helps to close out everything when installing but the installer.
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Okay I hope you're using a Mac cos that's where the problem is (yes it can be run on Mac so jump off the bandwagon guys).

Okay you just need to drag the WoW icon onto the taskbar thingy down the bottom... Lol I use a mac and I don't even know what it's called -.-

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