For those of you who have played either a Gibson or Epiphone Explorer (or both), is there a big difference in quality between the two? I've played both LP's before and I noticed the Gibson was much higher quality, but I see a lot of mixed opinions between the explorers on review sites or message boards. I'm not talkin about the Korina Epiphone, I mean the 1958 Epiphone Explorer (that I think they sell on musicians friend), which IMO, looks nicer than the Korina.

I'm just asking because if they're almost equal in quality, I'd rather get the Epi and throw some EMG's in it.
The quality will be quite a bit better on the Gibson, but the Epiphone will still be a great guitar. But if you can afford the Gibson, I'd say go for it.
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I was lookin at that one. On the GC website, it said the one with the floyd rose had a original floyd rose on it and I was like what???? plus the emg's.

But idk dude, because it's not the same explorer shape that I like. Similar, but not the same. I actually wanna copy Hetfield and put an 81 and a 60 if I were to get either an epi or the gibson.