title says it all. any tips. and where do you guys get inspiration from.
i have written 4-5 songs, but thats just about it.
kind of ran out of ideas
chill around by yourself... take some strolls around the block around sunset, it's really relaxing and kinda clears ur head. It also kinda helps to get ideas if you watch a bunch of movies on tv, or watch the news and write some songs about some tragic ****. I read about some norse mythology and made some song about vikings and stuff. My lyrics are heavily influenced about things i hear in everyday life. Just keep your mind as clear as possible, and think about random crap. You could morph teddy bears into some really grotesque song about murderous monsters from the toybox!
I know you're not supposed to post in a reported thread but I need to say this. Don't ask how to be creative, there's no answer.