whats up everyone. I need some input....my guitars are a fender big apple with two seymour duncan pickups and an american deluxe tele (2008) with a maple fretboard. I have a line 6 ax2 modulator amp as of now. I am going to trade it in for a blues deville reissue to get a tube sound. This is where u guys come in. What do you reccomend for effects. I do not want to get a collection of pedals. I want a pedal board style effect thing like the line 6 pod x3 live or the digitechs. BUT i just want the best sounding effects with the most options. I DO NOT give a crap about the different amp model simulator things cause the deville sounds ridiculous. So basically i want all the standard pedals like the ocatvia, abiter fuzz face, ibanez tube screamer, wah, delays, basically all the GOOD pedals that classic rock/blues players use but all in one unit. Oh yeah artist presets would be awesome too, but i cant find anything on the pod x3 about what the artist presets they have in there. HELP!
If you want quality you'd be better off just getting all those effects separately. A budget would be nice as well.
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unless you buy the single pedals, you're not gonna get the awesome results of the actual stompboxes....you'll just simulations that are good but not great or perfect.

i was in that same dilemma, i'm just getting single pedals b/c that's the best IMO.
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The PODX3 Live is great. I own one and it's pretty much perfect for me. All the effects are good and all, but it doesn't seem like you'll be using a lot of them. Just go ahead and buy separate pedals if you're not looking into using a multieffects' full capabilities.
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So let's say if I did not want to throw down for all of the different effects pedals ..what pedal board would you all suggest for a blues SRV, Hendrix, KWS, Jonny Lang type player?
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Should get you there.
Boss GT8, no question.

If you're looking for all those things in 1 unit.
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I dont know.... i havent had much experience of it, so it could be my mistake, but my dad recently got a GT8 and it sounds so incredibly digital. I would never put that in front of my amp (H&K Statesman =D)

I did have (still do actually) a line6 flextone though, and i thought that sounded nice, so try the line6 out
Yeah... i said it sounds nice

My H&K sounds absolutely outstanding - all tube, perfect for what i play

I don't need two amps, and to be honest for the amount I play that 2*12 was an awful pain in the ass to carry around, especially as i don't have my own car.
what do you guys think of the tonelab? Do you know if it has artist presets?