I need to play a jazz piece for music and I don't want to sing because I get better marks when I just play guitar. So does anyone know a song where the guitar plays the melody. I was going to do Joyspring by Joe Pass but the tab isn't accurate so I want to try and find a new one.

If you know a song which has a good tab please tell, or even if its just a good song with the guitar playing the melody. Thanks
You can play Take 5 on the guitar. Blue Monk also sounds nice through the guitar.

Wes Montgomery did a cover of 'Round Midnight that is somewhat technical. Misty and Satin Doll are also good choices.

Or you can just play Giant Steps.
night and day by joe pass or i did an arrangement of moon dance i can upload but its more classical in that you play bass chords and the melody if you want it pm me
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Try girl from ipanema, fun song that isn't too difficult to play solo. Take Five by Dave Brubeck is also simple, recognizable and fun.