Another pop-punk song. More of my typical acoustic-introspective more serious stuff coming soon.

Had a pizza stain on my shirt
It reminded me of her
We went to the pizza place on our first date
And now I hate Italian food

She said I wasn't rude or ignorant
But I still lived with my parents
And I was so embarrassed
When I didn't kiss her
Now I miss her so
And she missed her chance with Mr. Niceguy

She drove me around in her car
Cause I was afraid of going that far
I'd never been out of town
But man that girl sure had been "around"

She dropped me off and then she came inside
Little did I know that visit would change my life
My parents said "oh what fun"
"What are you doing with our son?"
And "what makes you think that you're the one for Mr. Niceguy?"

After she planted the seed
She told me about her dirty deed
Why can't you see this isn't me?
I've never ever smoked weed
Why can't you see I'm Mr.Niceguy?
Why can't you like me for me? I'm Mr. Niceguy
It's not easy being Mr. Niceguy
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Mr. NiceguuuyyyY! Lol this song is kinda funny. But still pretty good. Liking the idea. =]
I got some good guitars, yo.
You have great ideas, but the flow just seems to stop and start too much. Especially in lines like

'She dropped me off and came inside
Little did I know that visit would change my life'

Just too much difference in the syllable count I think.
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yea but it fits with the music it just doesn't translate well just reading but thanks for the tip i'll work on it.
Very funny, made a great read. Definatley works out as a pop punk song like you say! Fairly original also, unlike most lyrics out there lol.
nice!i completely get what your saying cos iv been in situations like that.it doesnt flow well on paper though

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Nice song, like the idea. Be carefull with useing the same words (or words alike) in two lines in row, like:
Now I miss her so
And she missed her chance with Mr. Niceguy

But overall nice pop punk song:-)
actually i intentionally try to use similar words when i can like you just mentioned in those two lines because they help the flow of the song.
haha wierd but good, but still really wierd
(We are) The anti-cancer
(We are) The only answer
Stripped down, we want you dead
But what's inside of me, you'll never know
(We are) Bipolar gods
(We are) You know what we are
That's cool. I like the idea in the 1st stanza about not liking italian food because of of the memories. It is all sort of almost sing-song, and feels quirky. neat!
I'm a pianist and a poet,
and someday the world will know it
But until then all that I can do
is play my songs for you.

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I'd be interested to hear it sung with music to it, keep us up dated if it ever makes it that far which it should, reminds me of Horse the Band lol they always sing about pizza and crazy stuff.
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Sounds like something from Blink 182 or something.

hell yeah