check my band out, were a three piece from newmarket ontario canada just finished recording a 4 song demo at bluebox studios in barrie ontario, jeff wardell the producer has done work with thousand foot crutch, mcarthy [for canadian kids out there haha] jigsaw, alot of solid acts is my point.

musically were all over ranging form mellow, almost reggae to intrense metal and hard rock to pop and funk. mostly we play ''progressive'' but purely in the sense it is nothign liek anyband around our area you guys be the judge, haha
the four songs are best described as follows

Luminous - The Experimental Political Mind F_ck
Judas' Kiss - A story about betrayal, and a pretty cool prog song
Revolution - Our new national f_cking rock anthem
Without Conscience - An old revisited song, with a new tribal jam

thats the link to the page we hope you guys dig it.
peace, love and "prog" rock.