I am looking for a wah pedal to use for the metal stuff i play stuff like trivium bfmv children of bodom style and decided to spice it up with a wah, I am gonna use it with my 6505 setup and don't know which wah's are really good and not. I was looking at the weeping demon but it got bad reviews for distortion and right now I'm looking towards getting the morley bad horsie 2. So any suggestions??
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the morley is amazing. i have a badhorsie 2 and a 6505+ halfstack. it is simply godley.
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bad horsie then. i have bad horsie 2.. it's the same thing as bad horsie 1 but it has a switch to let you control contour and level.. the bad thing is though that the level of the wah with the switch on and level all the way down, is bigger than without the switch on. oh btw, theres a 1 second delay for bypass to turn on, but you can open it up and fix it. steve is queer like that and makes gay delays to turn off damn wah
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