This song is about a man on his deathbed, the feelings of hope/despair/anger he feels, and his final breaths as the song closes. I don't really know what genre it fits into, feel free to speculate.

As always, C4C.
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Reminded me Opeth, a LOT.
I love it man, I really felt it. It didn't just sound like "music", it like, spoke to me. Amazing dude. I loved the clean guitar solo. The chord structures were amazing. Like, some of the progressions were exactly what I was hoping you'd do but still not what I was expecting if that makes sense.

The whole build up to the distortion was great and then the ending notes fading out.

Just brilliant. If you EVER record it, let me know straight away man.
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this could be some backing music for a game, like WoW or guildwars

i could totally see myself playing a strategy game for this... awesome dude
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Nice song, but i didn´t like the drums in the distorted parts. They just didn´t seem right. But rest of all nice song. 7.5/10

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Nice song, but i didn´t like the drums in the distorted parts.

i tried changing it up from just typical double bass, but I'm not a drummer myself so perhaps I should just K.I.S.S. like I did during the clean parts? I'll toy with it and see what I come up with.

thanks for the comments everyone, I might be able to get a demo of it recorded when I go back to school in September. I'll be back with my friend who has a pretty nice recording setup and also knows his way around the drum kit pretty damn well.

until then it's just creating ideas with whatever instrument i have in hand at the time. i'll be sure to give you guys crits later tonight
This is a nice piece. I love the intro. There's a slight Final Fantasy sound to it with the flute, which is no bad thing. You've got a very interesting creepy sound going on here. Maybe doesn't need to repeat some parts quite so many times though. Well, this is certainly some rather macabre music, and it sounds much like an Opeth acoustic piece, which is great - they're one of the best in the trade if you ask me. The solo and fills are all very nice, add a bit of texture to the song. The distorted section adds a whole new side to it, and spices things up a little. Finally, I enjoyed the outro, it suits well, as if the guy you were talking about is slowly slipping away.

Nice touch, that.


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P.P.S To speculate on a genre, I'd say progressive.
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Really, really nice tune you got here. All the parts are really good, and flow well together.

I just think you repeated some parts a bit too much (like the part that gets repeated 4 times... 3 times woulda been perfect).

The leads were all excellent, and I love the distorted section. The drums, I thought, added a certain level of catchiness, which really helped the song.

The ending is perfect as well.
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