Hey sup, I got a custom built 1984 Charvel... with a Jackson/ Floyd Rose Tremelo. (non-recessed). I need to drop it to drop C tuning (C,G,C,F,A,D) and when i try the strings just turn into noodles... people tell me to take it to guitar center and they will do it, but i dont wanna spend the money (aint got none). How do i drop my guitar to C tuning with keeping the strings from sticking to the pickups? Do i need new springs? An adjustment? A detailed way how would be awesome.

You just tighten the springs to counter the strings going like noodles.
If you're saying your strings are too loose when you tune to drop C, you're solution would be thicker strings.
I would suggest a heavier gauge set of strings. That will maintain good tension on the guitar and therefore you wont feel like you are playing on spaghetti. I had to do this with my guitar with a floyd rose when i went down a half step, but i did it also to correct some other issues.
If your untightening the whole nut it will do that. only untightening one bolt at a time.
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So how would I tighten the springs?

Thanks i'll try heavier strings too.

I tried that nut dealio too and it didn't work.
Only drop tune if you plan to keep it in that tuning indefinetly, otherwise there's a LOT of messing around switching tunings.
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On the back there should be a cover, take it off and you'll see the tremolo springs. Tighten the screws going towards the neck and it'll add tension. You can always add a spring too, which I did when I used to play in real low tunings.
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i went to B on a pair of 10's or 11's, the thickness doesnt make a differnce, its your birdge, take the pressure pads off, down tune it, then re stabilize the bridge. its not that hard, i dont know why its giving you a hard time, you have a charvel you seem like you know what your doing. you might want to bring it in if its being a bitch to you.
Yeah thanks for the help you guys i think i have a problem thou with the trem. So i just decided to take it in and they said that it needed new springs and stuff like this, but yeah now i know haha thanks for all ur help.